VIN Fearless Set

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This set contains:

 Very Important Notes No 3 EDP - Amber, Patchouli, Cardamom, Leather - 100 ml

 For the Oriental soul in you. Inspired by the eastern meadows & summery days, this fragrance combines the elegance of leather, the intoxication of patchouli to the aromatic amber & cardamom notes. An exquisite fragrance, perfect for unique perfume collectors.

Very Important Notes No 4 EDP - Tobacco, Oud Wood, Coffee Accord, Vetiver - 100 ml

 For the rebel soul in you. This fragrance is the most evoking scent from this collection. It started with a quest to find a true adventurous fragrance. This scent emerged to fulfill this pursuit, by blending the earthly scent of oud wood, the strength of tobacco, the refreshing coffee accord & the complexity of vetiver. A timeless combination, only a true braveheart can own it.

About the brand:

Mastering the art of fragrance, “Very Important Notes” is a unique collection designed by the Arabian perfume house SARIB®. Each fragrance unveils the most majestic notes from around the world, blended with Noble Arabian scents. This collection launches novel fragrances combined with European vibrant flowery ingredients, leaving a trail of an enchanting timeless aroma.

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