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Sarib Fantasy Set

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This set contains

The Finest Rose EDP - 100 ml

"Luxurious, Floral and soft"

A fragrant blend with endless creativity! Luxurious with its saffron component, Floral thanks to its Bulgarian rose notes and lilies, and soft from its attractive and romantic musk notes. This distinctive fragrance will not leave your side, as it lasts for long hours, and brings out a harmonious & beautiful Rose scent.

Very Important Notes No 3 EDP - Amber, Patchouli, Cardamom, Leather - 100 ml

For the Oriental soul in you. Inspired by the eastern meadows & summery days, this fragrance combines the elegance of leather, the intoxication of patchouli to the aromatic amber & cardamom notes. An exquisite fragrance, perfect for unique perfume collectors.

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