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Very Important Notes No. 5 Saffron, Cashmere Wood, Guaiac Wood, Leather EDP - 100ml

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For the mysterious soul in you. This fragrance was created for charming spirits, it’s warm and rich, sensual and bold, and characterized by a harmonious aroma with a special charisma thanks to the balance of its aromatic notes between sharpness and softness. It is the perfect blend of woody notes of cashmere and guaiac wood wrapped in a unique leather touch and enchanting notes of saffron. A fragrance so elegant it imposes your strong presence!

About the brand:

Mastering the art of fragrance, “Very Important Notes” is a unique collection designed by the Arabian perfume house SARIB®. Each fragrance unveils the most majestic notes from around the world, blended with Noble Arabian scents. This collection launches novel fragrances combined with European vibrant flowery ingredients, leaving a trail of enchanting timeless aroma.

Get to know Sarib®:

"A Story Behind Every Perfume" Introducing Arabian aromatic drops with a unique approach that combines modern heritage and western inspiration. Each has its own identity with the finest ingredients & aromatic notes.

*Approved by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority

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