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Very Important Notes Classic Collection Parfum Travel Set - 3x30ml

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A wonderful travel set that contains three distinct and varied fragrances of "Very Important Notes" to enjoy their charming scents that suit different looks. The perfumes come in an appropriate size, so you can take them with you wherever you go. The set comes in an elegant and classic box that you can also present as a gift to your loved ones.

The set contains:

Very Important Notes No 1 Parfum - Rose, Saffron, Vanilla Blossom, Woody Notes - 30 ml

For the Elegant soul in you. This fragrance reveals the perfect combination of rose, saffron, vanilla blossom & woody notes. It takes you on a true royal journey merging the finest notes into a harmonious iconic blend.

Very Important Notes No 3 Parfum - Amber, Patchouli, Cardamom, Leather - 30 ml

For the Oriental soul in you. Inspired by the eastern meadows & summery days, this fragrance combines the elegance of leather, the intoxication of patchouli to the aromatic amber & cardamom notes. An exquisite fragrance, perfect for unique perfume collectors.

Very Important Notes No 5 Parfum - Saffron, Cashmere Wood, Guaiac Wood, Leather - 30 ml

For the mysterious soul in you. This fragrance was created for charming spirits, it’s warm and rich, sensual and bold, and characterized by a harmonious aroma with a special charisma thanks to the balance of its aromatic notes between sharpness and softness. It is the perfect blend of woody notes of cashmere and guaiac wood wrapped in a unique leather touch and enchanting notes of saffron. A fragrance so elegant it imposes your strong presence!

About the brand:

Mastering the art of fragrance, “Very Important Notes” is a unique collection designed by the Arabian perfume house SARIB®. Each fragrance unveils the most majestic notes from around the world, blended with Noble Arabian scents. This collection launches novel fragrances combined with European vibrant flowery ingredients, leaving a trail of enchanting timeless aroma.

Get to know Sarib®:

"A Story Behind Every Perfume" Introducing Arabian aromatic drops with a unique approach that combines modern heritage and western inspiration. Each has its own identity with the finest ingredients & aromatic notes.

*Approved by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority

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