Remal Arabian Set - 5 Pcs

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This set contains:

Remal Amber & Saffron Bakhoor - 60 gm

Remal Oud Wood Bakhoor - 60 gm

Remal Al Fakhama Bakhoor - 60 gm

Remal Rose & Oud Bakhoor - 60 gm

Remal Al Sultana Bakhoor - 60 gm


About the brand

An inspiring incense collection created by the brand “Remal”, each Bakhoor highlights an original Arabic note, known for its nobility and significance in the perfume world. “Remal” introduces exquisite options for Bakhoor influenced but its Arabian heritage. Designed by experts who have mastered the extraction of oriental notes, to add it in distinctive high-quality incense for a luxurious and warm home environment. This Bakhoor brand is one of the latest Sarib launches and the most iconic.

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